Air Quality Informatics

iAQBox is a smart all-in-one roadside air quality monitoring device. The device integrates the state-of-the-art air quality sensors, together with meteorological sensors, into a portable, ready-to-mount, and cost-effective unit to measure air pollutants and meteorological data. The device is designed to be powered by either electric or solar power for the use in the field. The device is also equipped with GPS and a GPRS/3G cellular communication module for recording device locations and wirelessly transmitting data to a central server in real time.

iAQBox is low-cost, compared to air quality monitoring stations, but with accurate measurement of various pollutants. With various air pollutants and/or meteorological data continuously measured, the device can be customized to fit many different applications, such as analyzing the association of health issue with air quality and monitoring of roadside traffic-related emissions and pollutants for studying the impact of traffic on air quality.


Multiple Sensors

Detect air pollutants including O3, NO2, CO, SO2, CO2, PM 1.0, PM2.5, and PM10.0 with high accuracy. Also, collect meteorological data include wind direction, wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity (RH).

The device has been assembled using highly accurate and cost-effective components. It is very portable and can be easily mounted to any existing traffic facilities to such as signal lighting poles, beams, and callbox poles.

Big Data Analytics

Specifically designed to monitor roadside traffic-related emissions and pollutants for studying the impact of traffic on air quality. Its low-cost design allows large-scale installation to capture large areas and use the data for big data analytics.

Community Air Protection Program AB617

In response to Assembly Bill (AB) 617 (C. Garcia, Chapter 136, Statutes of 2017), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) established the Community Air Protection Program (CAPP or Program) whose focus is to reduce exposure in communities most impacted by air pollution. iAQBox is an ideal device to meet the objectives of this program due to its higher accuracy and low cost.

Source of pollution

iAQBox can be used to determine the source of pollution in an area such as traffic or industrial sources. The identification of source is important to tackle the environmental issues and impose penalties to the responsible parties.

Air quality monitoring

The system can be used to monitor the air quality at key locations of concerns, including the school, the industrial area, agriculture land, and etc. The air-quality data and meteorological data are collected in real-time and transmitted to the remote central server. This data is then used to analyze the concentration of various pollutants, their dispersion in various directions, and the relationship between air quality with public health. 

Fire Detection and monitoring

Wildfires in the mountains or other remote areas can be detected using iAQBoxes as it can be operated using the solar panel and sends data wirelessly to the server. An abrupt rise in the level of pollutants (especially, CO2) can be used as an indication of wildfire. Moreover, the low-cost design of iAQBox allows large-scale installation of these devices.

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