Microsimulation Plugins

As the major microsimulation plugin provider, CLR Analytics has developed a number of plugins under Paramics, TransModeler and Vissim. These plugins have been used by top simulation modeling consulting firms and some universities for various practical projects since Year 2008.






Paramics Plugin

The following plugins are available. Each plugin comes with example network and a user manual. .

Transmodeler Data Aggrigation and Ramp Metering Plugin

Our plugin works with two TransModeler versions.

Under the support of Cambridge Systematics and USDOT, we developed an enhanced version of the plugin to implement the SDRMS-ALINEA Coordinated Ramp Metering, originally proposed by Caltrans District 11

Please follow this tutorial to setup the plugin in TransModeler.

Vissim Detector Data Aggrigation and Ramp Metering Plugin

Our plugins are found to work with versions 4.3 and higher. Since V5.3, VISSIM starts having a 64-bit version.

Plugin License

Please follow the plugin manual to save the license file to the appropriate folder. If you use XP OS and install Paramics/Vissim/TransModeler to the default folders, the typical licsense folders are:

Software License folder
Paramics C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Dataparamics

32 bit OS: C:Program FilesTransModelerPluginsClrMetering

64 bit OS: C:Program Files (x86)TransModelerPluginsClrMetering


32 bit OS: C:Program Filesptv_visionvissim530

64 bit OS: C:Program Files (x86)ptv_visionvissim530

All plugins above are not free. Please contact support@clr-analytics.com for pricing and our license policy.

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