Sierra Wireless

Sierra Cellular Gateway

Sierra Wireless cellular gateways (4G and 5G) are widely deployed across the nation’s infrastructure. These gateways boast a serial interface, 1-4 Ethernet ports, and comprehensive firewall settings to safeguard smart infrastructure. As an official Sierra Wireless (Simtech) partner, CLR leverages its rich experience with cellular gateways to assist clients. CLR provides an always-up solution, offers templates to simplify gateway set-up, and has it seamlessly integrated with VSign, enabling the tracking of cellular communication performance.

Why Sierra Gateways?


Comprehensive firewall settings to filter incoming and outgoing traffic, protecting connected devices from unauthorized access. Have secure VPN tunnels and various authentication protocols over the public cellular networks. 

Rugged Design

Built to withstand harsh environments with features like dustproof and waterproof enclosures; Wide operating temperature ranges ensure functionality in extreme heat or cold conditions.

Feature Rich

4G/5G; Dual SIM functionality; Multiple Ethernet ports; GPS and WiFi capabilities; Low power usage; Periodical operation; Over-the-air updates. 

Model Selection

MP70 is built for harsh environments and is FirstNet certified. It also works with all major carriers and has four Ethernet ports.

RV55 is suitable for applications needing only one Ethernet port under a harsh environment and with power consumption constraints.

LX60 is a good fit for indoor and in-cabinet applications and use cases where two Ethernet ports are needed.