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Our Monitoring, Modeling, Analytics, and Decision-Support (MMADS) products use the cutting-edge technologies, including advanced sensors, machine learning, m2m, cellular communication, and cloud computing, to serve Smart City and the future world with connected and automated vehicles, connected bicycles and pedestrians and smart infrastructure. Our product provides decision making supports based on the modeling and analytics engine established based on deep learning of big data collected from our monitoring systems.

iAQBox – intelligent Air Quality Box

Single-Loop Vehicle Classifier

Customized Cellular Gateways

I-Loop Duo is a smart 2-channel rack mounted detector card that has functions of conventional loop detector cards and also generates high-resolution inductive loop signature (or vehicle signature; an analog waveform output corresponding to certain physical characteristics of a vehicle) for each traversing vehicle.  The I-Loop Duo card complies with both 170/2070 and NEMA standards and is fully compatible with the existing traffic data collection system. It is capable of scanning the vehicles over loops at a sampling rate up to 5000 Hz and generates meaningful vehicle signature data that can be utilized to classify and track vehicles.

CLR VSign Master unit is used to collect, process and transmit vehicle signature data to our server. It is developed based on the Open Communications Gateway (OCG) product from Multitech, which is a small Linux computer. The unit comes with two form factors: the desktop version and the rack version. The supported cellular communication carriers include 3G and 4G-LTE networks of AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.


The case camera is a network camera that can be mounted to a pole in the field for collecting high-resolution video data. The case camera includes a high-resolution camera (2-3 M Pixel or higher) with up to 50Hz frames per second and an adjustable lens (typically 8-40 mm) to allow zoom in/out for capturing license plate or an overview of the study site. User can monitor the video data collection through the Internet by adding a supported 4G-LTE USB modem. The battery supports up to 10 hours of video data collection. There is a delay timer that can be used to set the start time of video data collection up to 7 days later with a tradeoff of less recording hours. The case camera comes with 1 lock, 1 strap, and 1 lock cable to fully secure its presence in the field during the data collection.

As the major microsimulation plugin provider, CLR Analytics has developed a number of plugins for Paramics, TransModeler, and Vissim.  There plugins have been used by top simulation modeling consulting firms and universities for various practical projects since 2008.

  • Paramics Plugin Package
  • Vissim Plugins
  • TransModeler Plugins


VSign Portable Classifier
The Ultimate Traffic Data Solution
Classification Site Conversion


Application is just as important as development. It helps the improvement of the products and directs the future developement.

Detetor Card Statewide Application

Traffic System Performance Monitoring HD Website