iAQBox is a smart all-in-one roadside air quality monitoring device that integrates the state-of-the-art air quality sensors, together with meteorological sensors, into a portable, ready-to-mount, and cost-effective unit to measure air pollutants and meteorological data.


Multiple Sensors

Multiple sensors that collect a variety of air pollutant data and meteorological data with high accuracy.

Wireless Connectivity

The iAQBox sends data through wired or 3G/4G wireless communication. 

It is a low-cost device that makes large-scale deployment and data-driven decisions possible.


iAQBox is low-cost, compared to air quality monitoring stations, but with accurate measurement of various pollutants. The device is designed to be powered by either electric or solar power for the use in the field. The device is also equipped with GPS and 3G/4G cellular communication module for recording device locations and wirelessly transmitting data to a central server in real time.

With various air pollutants and/or meteorological data continuously measured, the device can be customized to fit many different applications, such as analyzing the association of health issue with air quality and monitoring of roadside traffic-related emissions and pollutants for studying the impact of traffic on air quality.

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