Connected and Automated Vehicle Simulation Environment

Connected and Automated Vehicle Simulation environment (CAVSIM) is a set of simulation and modeling tools, microscopic simulation models, and scenario libraries for testing, exploring and evaluating the performance and impact of connected and automated vehicles. 


A solution for multiple platforms

CAVSIM’s models, plugins, and algorithms developed to test and predict the behavior of connected/automated vehicles can be applied to any simulation software (such as Paramics, VISSIM, Transmodeler, etc) although Paramics is preferred due to powerful programming capabilities.

The CAVSIM provides essential programming SDKs and interfaces to explore vehicle dynamics, automated vehicle control, V2X, Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and connected vehicle applications under different scenarios based on various vehicle and traffic system performance metrics.

Practical/academic experience

The developers of CAVSIM have a strong academic knowledge and rich practical project experience with traffic simulation modeling and connected/automated vehicles and have been recognized as industry leaders with successful stories to fulfill user-specific demands.

Car Manufacturers

CAVSIM provides car manufactures with a well calibrated realistic simulation environment and scenario library to test their car control logic of automated cars and connected vehicle applications through visualization of the performance in real life situations. The CAVSIM scenario library allows the testing of car logic in a variety of different network and traffic scenarios such as merging, diverging, weaving, incident, sudden stop, right-turn-on-red, etc. which gives an insight into the behavior of automated car in a virtual scenario before actually implementing and testing in the real world. 


The regulatory agencies can use CAVSIM as a virtual environment to conduct robust testing of automated vehicles and determine their performance in various scenarios. Also, they can change the severity of these scenarios and explore the potential issues that may arise in these cases such as failure of car logic in order to ensure public safety. 

Planning Agencies

CAVSIM is a helpful tool that can be used by the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) to study the impact of automated and connected vehicles (CAVs) on the traffic flow. It can be helpful to visualize the traffic progression, potential dangerous locations, safety level, behavior of automated and regular cars, etc. based on different CAV penetration rates. CAVSIM is a research tool that can be used by the planning agencies to have insights into the future but in a well calibrated realistic simulation environment.


CAVSIM can be used as a tool to demonstrate the performance and behavior of automated and connected vehicles (CAVs) in a realistic simulation environment. Simulation can express the safety and comfort level of CAVs and users can have some confidence in buying a particular vehicle. The scenario library will help users to explore their safety concerns and make informed decisions before buying a vehicle and during the use of the vehicle. 

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