CLR Analytics


Classification Site Conversion

Converting Existing Counting Stations into Classification Sites


Inductive technology based on existing loop infrastructure

High resolution inductive signature to analyze unique attributes of vehicles & improve class count accuracy

Classification methods include HPMS 6 vehicle types or the FHWA 13 vehicle

Using wired or wireless communication to exchange data with the cloud, which is fully customizable  


a. Permanent solution (single site license) with customizable server/communication options with up to 12 loops/lanes capability

b. Portable / Temporary solution (unlimited site licenses) with cloud server computing and reporting for up to 12 loops/lanes

c. Customizable classification library meeting the unique condition
 Current Deployment:


– California I-5, I-10, I-15, I-405, I-605, I-210, I-905, I-710, SR-60, SR-91, etc.

– Colorado I-70

– Minnesota State Hwy 55

Truck tracking / vehicle tracking

 — OD, intersection turning counts, accurate travel times

 Pavement design / maintenance

– High-definition traffic monitoring

 Emission monitoring

System Components:

I-Loop Duo Advanced Signature Detector Card:

– NEMA, 170/2070 compatible
– Collaboration with Diamond Traffic Products

SignMaster Gateway:

– Data collection, computing and communication
– Wired and wireless communication

SignCentral Server / Website:

– Private or cloud server (Web App:
1. Quick (less than 1 hour for a 5-lane site) & easy (swap cards) to add classification to existing counting stations
2. Compatible with existing standards and data collection system
3. Cost-effective: use existing loops (single or dual loop(s) per lane)
4. Work with extremely low speed and high volume condition
5. Optional upgrade for comprehensive performance measures