CLR Analytics


Caltrans District 12 Managed Lane Study

CLR Analytics Inc. worked as a subcontractor of CH2M Hill to complete the Orange County Managed Lane Network Study. In the study, CLR Analytics developed a Paramics simulation model (based on the I-5 Corridor System Management Plan (CSMP) model) to demonstrate the managed lane concept using the I-5 network from SR-55 to SR-57.

Background: The High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) managed lane is expected to be the best way to manage the degraded carpool lane that is widely deployed along freeways in Orange County. The direct benefit of HOT lane is that the lane is able to be operated at the free-flow speed and thus allows high throughput (e.g., 1800 vehicles per hour). When the carpool is degraded, its throughput is dropped significantly (e.g., as low as 1000 vehicles per hour). The HOT lane provides a reliable travel option for motorists and also can collect money for roadway improvement.

This project was a finalist for the 28th Annual CTF Transportation Awards and the 10th Anniversary of the America’s Transportation Award (2017).