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Paramics Detector Data Aggregation Plugin

By default, Paramics can collect and output different loop detector data. However, it is not easy to use. Often, it generates way too many files, each of which is specific to each lane of detector. Aggregated occupancy data reported by Paramics are also time occupancy data rather than the percentage occupancy normally obtained from the field.

Our detector data aggregation plugin emulates the real-world detector data collection. It gathers point loop data at each time step of simulation and aggregates them every interval specified by the user. The user can also choose to obtain raw or smoothed data. Aggregated loop data (volume, occupancy, and speed) can be output to text files, and can be also accessed by interface functions defined in the plugin.

The plugin provides accurate aggregated detector data because there are codes dedicated to handle the occupancy data collection during congestion. The plugin can also be used as an aggregated detector data server for supporting ramp metering and various traffic management and traffic information applications that demand point traffic data in an aggregated form.

Plugin Features:

  • Collects and reports detector data in both lane and station formats
  • Works with single-lane and all-lane detectors
  • Works with short and long detectors
  • GUI display locations with data collection
  • Reports Errors in Info Browser and log files