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SignPortable Traffic Classifier

Portable Classification Solution: SignPortable Traffic Classifier

SignPortable Traffic Classifier is a standalone unit that is designed to work with loop detector sensors to detect and classify vehicles.
SignPortable Traffic Classifier is composed of three I-Loop Duo signature detector cards, one SignMaster gateway, one loop input terminal panel, and one 12V battery. SignPortable is powered by battery, which can be charged before and during operation of SignPortable.
Communication with SignPortable is provided by USB and Ethernet on the SignMaster gateway, which collects, processes, and stores inductive loop signature data from signature detector cards. With the optional cellular communication module, SignMaster is able to transmit raw or processed vehicle signature data to the SignCloud central server in real-time.


  • Award-winning cutting-edge inductive loop signature technology based on existing loop infrastructure
  • High resolution inductive signature to analyze unique attributes of vehicles & improve class count accuracy
  • Provide count, occupancy, speed, classification, and per vehicle raw data
  • Per vehicle raw data are provided with timestamp, lane, and raw signature
  • All raw signature data are stored in a local SD card for post-processing
  • Up to 6 lanes for single loop configuration and 3 lanes for dual loop configuration
  • Default loop size for classification: 6 ft by 6 ft square or rectangle
  • Classification schemes: FHWA 13-Class and HPMS
  • Customized classification template library to improve classification accuracy
  • Work with other loop size but classification template library needs to be rebuilt
  • Process raw vehicle signature data locally for local analysis or through a cloud server to display in the web
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Optional embedded 3G/4G modem and antennas
  • Come with all software tools (Putty, WinSCP, SignScope) needed to access SignMaster and post-process vehicle signature data.
  • Putty is a freeware to access detector cards and SignMaster through USB.
  • WinSCP is a freeware to transmit data between user computer and SignMaster / detector cards.
  • SignScope is a software to post-process raw signature data and/or upload data to central server to visualize data in the website.