CLR Analytics


TransModeler Detector Data Aggregation and Ramp Metering plugin

The plugin utilizes the API functions from TransModeler to perform the following functions:

  • Detector data aggregation
  • Ramp metering control based on the following logic:
    • SATMS (demand capacity logic), deployed in Caltrans District 7 (Los Angeles County) and 12 (Orange County)
    • SDRMS (volume control and occupancy control logic), deployed in Caltrans District 11 (San Diego), District 8 (Riverside and San Bernadino), District 3 (Sacramento)
    • ALINEA

Release Notes


  • Add the ALINEA based cooridinated ramp metering option to the SDRMS algorithm.


  • Finalize the CLR Ramp Metering plugin with three algorithms: SDRMS, SATMS, ALINEA


  • Disabled “Queue 2” detector in the editor for ALINEA and SDRMS methods because it is used by SATMS method only
  • Added missing lane connectors in the tutorial examples


  • SATMS interface improvement
  • Add ramp flow to the output of SATMS
  • Plugin compatibility checking


The CLR Ramp Metering plugin was released. The plugin was developed based on the original California Ramp Metering plugin. It is designed to work with the latest TransModeler version. It incorporates two more metering algorithms and fixes a few bugs in the California Ramp Metering plugin. The major changes include:

  • Fix passage detector function
  • Add SATMS ramp metering V3’s queue override control functions
  • Add ALINEA ramp metering algorithm
  • Change the plugin and license folder to PluginClrMetering under TransModeler program folder.


The California Ramp Metering plugin was released, with only one ramp metering algorithm, i.e. SDRMS.
Plugin Development History

  • The original version of the plugin only includes one ramp metering algorithm, i.e. SDRMS. CLR Analytics and Caliper Corporation jointly enhanced the module and developed an interface to TransModeler for the implementation of SDRMS algorithm under the sponsorship from Caltrans through a Cambridge Systematics contract in early 2009.
  • In late 2009 and early 2010, CLR Analytics further added the SATMS and ALINEA algorithms to the plugin under the support from Caliper Corporation.
  • In Nov 2011, CLR Analytics added the ALINEA based coordinated ramp metering control function to the plugin based on the control logic from Caltrans District 11. The effort was sponsored by Cambridge Systematics and USDOT’s Integrated corridor Management project.