Advanced Vehicle Detection

The existing vehicle detection systems for freeway and arterial ITS applications only detect a vehicle’s presence or if there is a vehicle in the detection area. The vehicle presence data is further converted to traffic flow, speed, and occupancy that are used by advanced traffic control and management strategies, such as incident detection, adaptive ramp metering, adaptive signal control. However, the benefits from these advanced traffic control and management strategies are sometimes questionable or limited. Believe it or not, an important reason is the existing traffic detection system does not provide good data.

The VSign advanced vehicle detection system provides an ultimate solution if loop sensors are used in the field. Loop sensors’ health condition and detection performance is monitored, tracked, and optimized. The per-vehicle based detection, post-analysis, and AI analysis will provide the highest traffic counting accuracy with FHWA 13 vehicle classes. Moreover, only one single loop is needed per lane to obtain vehicle class, speed, and length. 


Sensor Health Monitoring

The system monitors and tracks loop sensor’s health conditions, including loop inductance, percentages of noises, and unclassified vehicles, etc. 

Each vehicle’s signature is analyzed using artificial intelligence techniques. 

Accurate Data

The system provides accurate traffic data even under low speed and high volume conditions.

Intelligent Detector Card to Boost Performance

The I-Loop Duo signature detector card is an advanced inductive loop detector card for use with 170/2070 and NEMA TS-1/TS-2 style traffic controllers. With the added functionality of providing loop signature sampled at up to 5000 Hz, the I-loop Duo surpasses the function of conventional detector cards. 

Complete Caltrans TEES 2009 and NEMA compliance and compatibility means the I-loop Duo is a drop in replacement to existing detectors or as a stand-alone detector in ramps, signals, and mainline detector applications.

Vehicle Classification and Speed Measurement

With only one loop per lane, the system is capable of classifying vehicles into 13 different vehicle classes and providing accurate speed measurement and traffic count data based on a single loop per lane. There is a need to have a VSign Hub per site, which s a Linux computer serving as an edge computing device. It collects loop signature data from all detector cards and then conducts various smart analysis and is responsible for data transmission to the central server. 

Data Support for Advanced Traffic Control and Management

Since the system is capable of classifying and collecting vehicle level data rather than aggregated data, it can improve the signal control by extending the green time as necessary based on vehicle class, especially heavy trucks, to achieve better intersection safety. 

The detector data will provide accurate traffic data by vehicle class for Integrated Corridor Management and Connected Corridors. Stop and go condition will be reported right after its occurrence, automatic incident detection will be possible, various advanced traffic control and management strategies will be more accurate to generate benefits. Smarter traffic signal control can be achieved to increase safety by considering the presence of heavy truck data. 

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