CLR Analytics

Software Training

The 3-day training course aimed to teach how to use Quadstone Paramics to develop a microsimulation model for the freeway or urban freeway network, help engineers and planners build their knowledge on how to perform a microsimulation study, and review the microsimulation modeling work.  The course covered basic network coding in the first day; advanced network coding of intersections, ramps, and HOV lanes in the second day; OD estimation, model calibration, and scenario testing in the third day.

Place: Sacramental, California

Time: June 5-7, 2012

Paramics Training Workshop 2008, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China, 2008

We provided a 5-day Paramics training workshop in China. The workshop included a 3-day beginner/intermediate training course and a 2-day advanced training course. For the beginner and intermediate level, the course covered from network coding basics and advanced coding, to network coding fine-tuning, network audit, and analysis tools. For advanced level, we focused on advanced network coding skill enhancement, model calibration and validation, API plugins, and OD estimation.

Place: Beijing, China
Time: October 14-18, 2008

5-Day Paramics Project Training to A&F Engineering, Newport Beach, CA, 2008

We provided a 5-day Paramics training to A&F Engineering. The client is an engineer that has zero knowledge of Paramics. The purpose of the training is to teach him how to use Paramics for a real project.

Client: A&F Engineering

Project Time Period: March 2008


Paramics Training course for Caltrans, 2008

We provided a training assistance to Stump/Hausman Partnership on a Paramics training course to Caltrans. We also presented the plugins we developed to audience. 

Client: Caltrans
Prime Contractor: Stump/Hausman Partnership
Project Time Period: May 2008


Microscopic Traffic Simulation and its Applications Workshop, 2007

In collaboration with Beihang University of China, CLR Analytics orgnaized a Microscopic Traffic Simulation and its Applications Workshop, in Beijing, China. This workshop summarized major applications of micro-simulation and introduced details of some applications and research. The presenters of the workshop include Dr. Henry Liu from University of Minnesota, Dr. Lianyu Chu, Jeff Ban, and Dr. Meng Li from University of California Berkeley.

Place: Beihang University, Beijing, China

Time: Oct 13, 2007