VSign Smart Accessories

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VSign Smart Accessories include a Web Power Switch (or Web Din Relay),  an unmanaged Ethernet Switch, and a USB Hub (if applied). The Web power switch or din relay has our programs to control the power to its connected devices. It is used to implement our always-up concept of system operation. 


Remote Power Control

Web Power Switch or Power Din Relay allows users to remotely access the power outlet or relay. It can be accessed via a web interface or SSH. 

Always-up via Autoping

Our always-up program monitors the cellular gateway’s operation and cycles its power automatically when it is locked up or suffers a connection issue. Our program also serves as a hardware watchdog for the VSign Hub and cycles its power when there is a need. 

Redundancy for Reliability

When I-Loop Duo card is being used, its Ethernet and USB interfaces are both being used to create a redundancy setup. Ethernet is commonly used for data collection and USB is used for adjusting detection parameters when there is a need. 


400 MHz ARM9 CPU
256MB NAND flash and 64MB SDRAM
SD card slot for data storage
10/100 Ethernet
Embedded 7-port USB Hub
Mini USB (for user programming)
4G Cellular connectivity (Optional)
Linux OS

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