Smart Vehicle Classification

Using the inductive loop signature technology and AI-based big data analytics, the CLR VSign Classifier Solution provides reliable vehicle count, class, and speed data, leveraging existing infrastructure with highly customizable features to meet unique conditions.


Single Loop

The system only requires a single loop per lane for operation.

The system uses signature data for classification and speed measurement which is accurate even under low speed and high volume conditions.

Cost Effective

The system saves a lot of money by using existing loops and the system is very easy and quick to install.

Continuous Counting Station to Vehicle Classification Station

Just by swapping the detector cards, the continuous counting stations can be converted into vehicle classification stations that are capable of classifying vehicles into 13 different vehicle classes and providing accurate speed measurement and traffic count data based on a single loop per lane. 

Single Loop instead of Piezo Sensors

The system requires only one loop per lane for classification and eliminates the need for piezo sensors that have a short life and require frequent maintenance. The system tracks the health condition of loop sensors and sends automatic alerts when sensor starts to fail. 

Better signal Control

Since the system is capable of classifying and collecting vehicle level data rather than aggregated data, it can improve the signal control by extending the green time as necessary based on the class of vehicle, especially heavy trucks, to achieve better intersection safety.

Emission Estimation

The environmental protection agency, as well as federal and state agencies, have the need to obtain vehicle classification information and VMT by vehicle class and speed bin in order to accurately estimate Greenhouse Gas and criteria pollutants using their emission models such as MOVES and EMFAC.

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