VSign Master

CLR Analytics

VSign Master is a smart field data processing unit for signature data collection, data processing, and data transmission. Based on your business demand, the data can be stored in a local storage or transmitted to a central server. VSign Master is an IoT device that connects to the Internet using an optional embedded modem or an external modem and its operational status is continuously monitored.  


Card or Desktop Format

The VSign Master possesses very small form factor that saves space. It is available in two formats: Card and Desktop.

Powerful Data Processing

The VSign Master is equipped with 400MHz ARM 9 CPU, 256 MB NAND Flash and 64 MB SDRAM that runs Linux OS.

Embedded Modem and USB Hub

The VSign Master is embedded with a cellular modem that supports 3G or 4G LTE networks. The card format includes  7-port USB hub whereas both formats can be expanded to multiple loops using an external USB hub.


400 MHz ARM9 CPU
256MB NAND flash and 64MB SDRAM
SD card slot for data storage
10/100 Ethernet
Embedded 7-port USB Hub
Mini USB (for user programming)
4G Cellular connectivity (Optional)
Linux OS

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