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I-10 Robertson Circulation Improvement Project for LADOT

The project aims to study ways to improve the Robertson / National on/off ramps and the connectors to local streets, simplify traffic movements and minimize traffic impacts from the Culver City Expo station and other new development in the area.


The CLR modeling team developed the base year microsimulation model, which was well calibrated against the 2016 traffic condition. Then, the microsimulation models for four different design alternatives were developed for both AM and PM peak hour and their performance was optimized to maximize the number of vehicles to be served. Finally, these four design alternatives were evaluated based on a set of performance measures collected from simulation under the 2030 horizon year demand derived from the latest SCAG modeling results and the base-year turning counts.

The simulation approach for the study provides useful information and insights to the design team and decision-makers and also provides a vivid way to present the performance of alternative design to the general public.