Network Case Camera

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The case camera is a network camera that can be mounted to a pole in the field for collecting high-resolution video data.



Very small in size and can be easily mounted to existing poles.


can transmit data over the internet through 4G/LTE network.


A high-resolution camera that can capture license plates.

  • High-resolution camera (1080P or higher) with up to 50Hz frames per second.
  • An adjustable lens (typically 8-40 mm) to allow zoom in/out for capturing license plates or an overview of the study site.
  • 4G-LTE USB modem to monitor wirelessly.
  • Battery supporting up to 10 hours of video data collection.
  • Delay timer that can be used to set the start time of video data collection up to 7 days later with a tradeoff of less recording hours.
  • The case camera comes with one lock, one lock cable, and one strap to fully secure its presence in the field during the data collection.

how to set up the case camera

how to mount the case camera

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