CLR Analytics


introduction of product

Traffic Monitor HD provides accurate vehicle count, speed, queue length, and travel times to optimize traffic management strategies during peek hours and incidents. From just a single inductance loop Traffic Monitor HD allows for classification of vehicles into 13 different vehicle classes. Roadway maintenance is also simplified by ensuring existing infrastructure is working properly and automatically detecting faulty loops.

features of product

  • The environmental protection agency, as well as federal and state agencies, have the need to obtain vehicle classification information.
  • California Senate Bill 375 requires Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to set and achieve regional Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction targets.
  • California SB-743 uses Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) to access the environmental impact of improvement projects.


Monitoring and evaluation using accurate and reliable performance measurements are the keys for successful transportation system planning and operation. Truck volumes and percentages measured at detection stations help traffic agencies understand the load distribution in the network, determine which roadway segments are in need of pavement repair and optimize advance planning.