CLR Analytics


Paramics Actuated Signal Module Development

Engineers in CLR Analytics have accumulated profound actuated signal control knowledge through various academic and practical projects. We even developed a couple versions of actuated signal control plugins under Paramics during the last decade. The collaboration between Quadstone Paramics and CLR Analytics allows Paramics to have a actuated signal control module that meets the expectation from modelers and traffic enginneers.  In this effort, CLR Analytics provided the NEMA and 170/2070 control logic and some preliminary GUI design to Quadstone Paramics for the development of the actuated signal control module. CLR Analytics also provided a few rounds of testings to make sure the logic has been implemented correctly.

The next step of the collaboration is to add the volume-density control, actuated signal coordination, and time-of-day plan with varying phase sequence crossing different plans to the actuated signal control module. Please stay tuned for more information.

Sponsor: Quadstone Paramics

Project Time Period: Jan 2009 – present