Traffic Monitor HD provides a complete traffic data collection, storage, analytics and visualization solution. It provides accurate traffic detection data from a single inductance loop. It is capable of traffic system performance , and emission estimates in the intersection, corridor, and system levels through multiple levels of our product lines. It can also serve as a data source to improve the existing data reporting system such as PeMS in California.

Our solution is scalable and customizable to assist traffic agencies with their daily business on design, planning, operation, safety, and maintenance. Customers receive confidence in data reporting accuracy, comprehensiveness over the whole roadway, which in turn improves efficiency and accuracy on data-driven based activites.

As a microsimulation modeling expert and leader in the world, CLR Analytics provides a wide variety of microscopic traffic simulation related training services to public agencies and consultants.

We provide both online training and face-to-face training services. Face-to-face training is recommended for better learning outcomes. Our standard training allows up to 8 attendees. An additional fee will apply if there are more than 8 participants. Please provide basic information about your needs and contact us for a quote.

Our forthcoming Beginner/Intermediate training course in Sacramento in June 2012.      (CLOSED)

An introduction of our training courses can be found as follows:

Beginner/intermediate training course

This course offers a 3-day program (8 hours per day) that includes introduction to simulation software and network coding basics, advanced network coding, network coding fine-tuning, and fundamental knowledge and skills on model calibration and scenario testing.

Intermediate/advanced training course

This course is suitable for those clients having some modeling knowledge and experience. The course offers practical solutions on how to correctly perform or review a microsimulation modeling study. A typical 3-day training will cover network coding skills in the first day, OD estimation in the second day, model calibration and scenario testing in the third day. The 5-day training will basically extend the contents in the 3-day training with more details and hands-on.

Advanced training course

This course offers a 2-day program (8 hours per day) that includes network coding skill enhancement, network calibration and validation, OD estimation, and API plugins.

Customer tailored training course

We design and deliver a bespoke training solution for matching the specific needs or requirements from clients.

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