Traffic Monitor HD provides a complete traffic data collection, storage, analytics and visualization solution. It provides accurate traffic detection data from a single inductance loop. It is capable of traffic system performance , and emission estimates in the intersection, corridor, and system levels through multiple levels of our product lines. It can also serve as a data source to improve the existing data reporting system such as PeMS in California.

Our solution is scalable and customizable to assist traffic agencies with their daily business on design, planning, operation, safety, and maintenance. Customers receive confidence in data reporting accuracy, comprehensiveness over the whole roadway, which in turn improves efficiency and accuracy on data-driven based activites.

We offer microscopic traffic simulation related courses, workshops and trainings for students, public agency, and consultants. Our staff are currently in charge of user supports of Paramics, Cube, Synchro, Commuter in the Greater China area.

Microscopic traffic simulation training

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