Structural Health Monitoring

CLR Analytics

We are providing a full solution for real-time structural health monitoring using the cutting-edge wireless and low-power electronics technologies. The break-through technology incorporates novel sensing technologies, ultra energy efficient processing, and wireless communication and provides a scalable solution for real-time and long-term structure health monitoring. Our solution includes wireless low-power sensors, communication gateway, central server, and client software.


Low Power Usage

Wireless Communication


Wireless low-power sensors

Our sensors include the following types, which are small, portable, low-power, and wireless. 

  • Displacement
  • Strain
  • Vibration (Acceleration)
  • Tilt and inclination
  • Precision tilt
  • Temperature
  • Humidity and moisture

Communication Gateway

  • SeniMax, which collects data from up to 100 wireless sensors and then transmits data to the data center in the cloud via cellular communication or Ethernet
  • Repeater, which is used to extend the communication range
  • USBLink, which is an indoor communication gateway

Client Software

Client software needs to be installed on the client’s desktop computer. The software communicates with the central database in the cloud, displays the sensor data, and alerts users if any sensor’s data exceeds the thresholds.

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