Smart Infrastructure for Informed Decisions

Our cost-effective IoT and data analytics for transportation and environment offer streamline solutions for traffic engineers, data analysts, planners, and decision makers.

Smart Solutions

Smart Vehicle Classification

The Inductive Loop Signature (ILS) technology provides an accurate vehicle counting, classification, tracking, and speed estimation solution leveraging the existing loop infrastructure.

Commercial Vehicle Tracking

A real-time heavy vehicle monitoring system that offers a low-cost solution to monitor the performance of the WIM stations, identify out-of-calibration stations and provide ground-truth truck movement data.

CAV Testing & Simulation

Connected and Automated Vehicle Simulation environment (CAVSIM) is a set of simulation and modeling tools,  for testing, exploring and evaluating the performance and impact of connected and automated vehicles. 

Smart Transit information System

A smart onboard railroad passenger information and entertainment system, which provides customizable real-time train status and value-added travel information and entertainment services through a smartphone application.

Air Quality Informatics

The all-in-one air quality monitoring system integrates the state of the art air quality and meteorological sensors into a portable and ready-to-mount unit to measure and analyze air pollutants and their distributions.

Structural Health Monitoring

The breakthrough technology incorporates novel sensing, ultra energy efficient processing, and wireless communication and provides a scalable solution for real-time and long-term structural health monitoring.

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